January 31, 2023

According to ITV boss Kevin Ligo, THE X Factor may be making a comeback.

The talent show was last shown in 2018, but ITV is gearing up for the return of the series that made One Direction and Little Mix stars.



According to ITV boss Kevin Ligo, The X Factor could be making a comeback.1 credit

Speaking to the Broadcasting Press Guild this week, ITV’s program manager Kevin said: “I suspect the X Factor is not gone forever.

“Never say never.

“It was our most successful show in almost 20 years and we still work with Simon on a daily basis.”

The TV boss added that the positive reaction to ITV’s Big Brother reboot could help pave the way for the talent show’s return.


Kevin said: “People thought Big Brother was never coming back, but we were overwhelmed by the backlash when we announced it.”

He also said that he would like Marcus Bentley to return as Big Brother’s narrator.

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