January 27, 2023

A roundabout in Poland, with illegible signs and trams zigzag through it, has been called one of the worst in the world.

The interchange, built just a few months ago, has caused discontent among motorists due to confusing markings and fuzzy exits.



Drivers slammed the intersection due to confusing markings and fuzzy exits.Credit: Poznan City Investments
It was difficult for drivers to navigate the chaotic roundabout


It was difficult for drivers to navigate the chaotic roundaboutCredit: Poznan City Investments
One angry motorist called a sign at the roundabout


One angry motorist called a sign at the roundabout “scandalous”.Credit: Poznan City Investments

It took four years to reconstruct and upgrade the Rataje roundabout in Poznań, Poland, but motorists remained indifferent.

Drivers struggled to navigate the chaotic roundabout and even asked for the instruction manual. fact reports.

One angry motorist reportedly took to Autoblog and called the signs at the roundabout “scandalous”.

They said: “The confusion at the roundabout was caused by the drawing of the proposed exit and entrance lanes as dashed lines.


“They make drivers believe the lanes are going this way when they are going the other way.

“The conflict arises because some drivers drive one line and others drive the other, and everyone seems to be driving the right way.”

He was indignant: “Such markings are outrageous, unacceptable and contrary to all rules of road markings.


“Whoever did it and approved it should scrape it off the asphalt with a razor blade.”

According to the author of the article, “from each lane we can only go to a certain exit – for example, the right lane – to the first exit, the middle lane – to the second, the left lane – to the third exit. you can’t go wrong.”

He ended the post with a question: “Well done, Poznan. I have a question for drivers: how do you live there?


Construction company Aldesa, which took on the project in 2018, said the roundabout is now “functional and integrated.”

In August, the company said: “We have commissioned a modern and secure communications center for the area.

“Today we can admire its beauty – a functional and integrated communication node has been created, and travel comfort has increased.

“Our priorities were: public transport, modern stops, greater safety for everyone – pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, more car lanes.”

Back in 2017, British motorists encountered a “dangerous” new roundabout after 10 drivers crashed within 48 hours of its opening.

Three cars were abandoned after an accident on the A516 in Mickleover, Derby.

Drivers spoke of the chaotic scenes and claimed that the lack of lighting and signs caused them to drive right over the island.

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The roundabout was installed so that hundreds of houses could be built nearby.

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