January 27, 2023

Inside the Earth – Pre-Match Analysis

Dan King of SunSport reports from Qatar:

There is less than an hour left before the start of the match, but the volume of the whistling of the Moroccan fans, already sitting in their seats, is impressive, if we talk about France.


Speaking of the French, they make one substitution from the starting line-up of 11 against England.

As SunSport predicted, Adrien Rabiot is not feeling well enough to take the field, so Youssouf Fofana of Monaco enters the field along with Aurelian Chuameni.

However, there is good news for Morocco (and for David Moyes). West Ham defender Nayef Agerd is ready to play, as is left-back Nussar Mazraoui. People who know about these things are predicting an A for North Africans.

They never intended to make life easy for the French, who would need all their cunning and patience to find a way to get through the tournament’s best defense.


Everyone seems to agree that this game will be too far for the Moroccans. Whatever happened, they broke new ground and they and their fans ignited the tournament.

But wouldn’t it be great if they added France to their impressive list of victims? Strange things have happened.

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