January 27, 2023

Let’s face it, while Christmas is magical, it can also be quite stressful, especially when it comes to preparing dinner.

And after a festive feast, the last thing you want to do is wash dishes.



Stacey Fay shared a photo of several foil trays she collected over the course of the year.Credit: Facebook

Well, thanks to one woman’s smart advice, you might not have to…

Stacey Faye accepted Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group and shared a photo of several foil baking sheets she collected over the course of the year.

Along with the snap, she wrote, “I saw the post earlier, I think it’s here with someone’s disposable plates to save money on washing up for Christmas!!

“Well, here’s my take on washing dishes as little as possible.


“All year when I bought something that is included in one of these [a foil oven tray] I put it in the closet and used my regular oven molds/trays for this item and now I have it all to use and throw away after I avoid all that dishwashing after.”

She continues, “So I’ll be using them for stuffing, fried brussels and pancetta, honey-glazed carrots and parsnips, pigs in blankets, roast meats, and anything else I can think of lol, so I just need to wash that that I cook meat in cutlery and utensils!”

The post has since racked up an impressive 3,400 likes and has been inundated with comments. very mixed reviews.


While some praised the idea, others weren’t as impressed – some people criticized the idea for being “environmentally irresponsible”.

“It’s so irresponsible from an environmental point of view. You can soak them while eating and then recycle them. Then this is a great idea,” wrote one of them.

The second asked: “Isn’t this just laziness and waste? It doesn’t take 5 minutes to wash the dishes.


“To each his own, but I’d rather wash than fill a trash bag.”

However, others were quick to defend Stacey’s idea.

“I’m doing the same thing. This saves money for Christmas and reduces waste. Merry Christmas,” one of them enthused.

The second answer is: “How is this a waste? These are foil trays that were not bought specifically for Christmas, the food she bought during the year that comes in these foil trays has been washed and set aside for Christmas.

“It would be wasteful to throw them out early, but she reuses them.”

A third wrote: “I do this every year, I cook for 27 people so perfect.”

Meanwhile, the fourth agreed: “Great idea.

“I line the baking sheets with foil and throw it away, but it’s better this way… good advice!”

Another commented, “This is a great idea and as she said she kept them from previous meals so they end up in the trash anyway, look at your own life before criticizing others.

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“I bet none of you complaining are 100% green.

“I know not!”

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