January 31, 2023

The first weekend in 2023 will start very frosty, and at night the temperature will drop to -8°C.

Although there will be better conditions for a New Year’s walk tomorrow, the Met Office has warned anyone going outside that slippery surfaces will be a problem at the beginning of the journey.



Temperatures expected to drop to -8 degrees tonight1 credit

Last night and this morning, the first footers faced varied winter weather, with temperatures near freezing in Glasgow and Edinburgh, hosting the first outdoor Hogmanay party since 2019.

Tomorrow, a nationwide weather warning will cover the entire country, from the border with England to the tip of Shetland.

Heavy rains, sleet and snow are expected to freeze overnight, resulting in adverse conditions on unpaved roads and sidewalks.

This morning a car rolled over on its roof on the northern section of the M77 at Malleshew in East Renfrewshire.

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Traffic Scotland used their Twitter feed to warn of snow falling on the A9 at Daviot and Drumochter, near Inverness, with reports of heavy snowfall around Aviemore and Kingoussie.

The images show white fog conditions affecting nearby Carrbridge.

Dan Stroud of the Met Office said: “There was a lot of rain and snow in Scotland on New Year’s Day.


“Monday will be a pretty cold day as most of Scotland is having a lovely and pleasant Monday.

“But it is worth noting that in the morning the temperature will be very low.

“At Hogmanay we recorded a reading of -8.6C (-16F) at Altnahar in Sutherland.


“Something from this approximate number is expected on Sunday evening, so it will be very cold on Monday morning.”

Devastating downpours hit the country on Friday, causing unprecedented river levels to rise in the south of the country, leading to flooding in Dumfries.

Meteorologists are now watching with concern for a low pressure system due on Tuesday or Wednesday, promising further heavy rains.

Mr Stroud of the Met Office added: “Things are getting a lot more unsettled as we approach Tuesday, the second bank holiday in Scotland.

“We are closely monitoring the predicted rainfall. Forecasts look very heavy for the hills in the west of the country.

“By the time we get to next weekend, there is a chance of further snow.”

Today’s warning states: “Rain, sleet and snow are expected to ease on Sunday leaving surfaces wet and as a cold night approaches, this is likely to result in ice streaks on rough surfaces across Scotland.

“In addition, further sleet or snow showers are possible in the western and southern parts at night, although ice remains the main hazard.”

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The warning period began today at 18:00 and will last until 11:00 today.

Further warnings from the Met Office are expected in the coming days.

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