January 27, 2023

ENTERTAIN your family this holiday season with tons of games to play.

Here are three that are great fun and can easily be adapted for free play. . .



Here are three ways to have a great time and enjoy a family holiday for free1 credit

SOCK GAME: Fab for all ages.

Spin around to determine which item you need to find, then take out your sock and fumble around to find it.

John Lewis received a 20% discount on the game, bringing it to £15.99. But it’s easy to create a home version.

Find about 20 small items in your home – a button, a coin, and a hairpin are some ideas – then take a large sock and stick them in.


Instead of spinning, write items down on folded pieces of paper for each player to choose from their own hat.

Divide into two teams and the first person to find 11 items wins.

BAD PERSON: This fun game is more suitable for adults.


Each player votes for a person in response to a question from a randomly drawn card.

For example: Who would you turn to for help if you needed to leave the country?

The game is £24.99, new on WHSmith – or download the list of questions for free at badpeoplegame.com.


Try to come up with your own questions if you feel inspired.

Vote and see who wins is fun, but you can also add a twist with penalties for the players with the most votes.

HERD FEELING: This game is suitable for ages ten and up.

The goal is to give the same answer to the question as the other players in order to win cows.

If your answer doesn’t suit anyone, you get an “angry cow”.

Buy a new one for £20 from The Works or, again, you can build your own version for free.

Make up your own question or search the internet for “family feud questions” and you’ll find plenty of examples that work.

Instead of winning cows, score points and the player with the most points wins. Simple – but fun.

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