January 27, 2023

The couple was completely ready for the birth of their girl, but received a big shock at birth.

Kari’s mom Abigail shared that she and her husband were told they were going to have a beautiful little girl.



The couple was delighted to find out they were having a girlCredit: tiktok/@kari_abigail_
Mom was shocked when she gave birth to a boy


Mom was shocked when she gave birth to a boyCredit: tiktok/@kari_abigail_

The couple even threw a lavish gender reveal party to share the news with friends and family.

That’s why they were so amazed when their ball of joy appeared, and it was definitely a boy.

Kari said she “still can’t believe it” and asked if the same thing had happened to anyone else.

In a short clip tik tak she started by showing a video of their sex reveal party.


In the clip, both she and her partner had a large black balloon.

They both used a pin to pop their balloons, but pink confetti fell out of them, signaling that they were expecting a girl.

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They were surrounded by posters, balloons and holiday decorations when they heard the exciting news.

Both jumped and hugged after learning a little more about the baby they were expecting.

The frame then moved to several moving images of Kemi’s mom just after the baby was born.


They added the caption: “But gave birth to a boy.”

The little boy was named Jayden Azaya and she told followers that the two of them share the same birthday.

The cute clip got 50,000 likes and over 800 comments from viewers.

One person said, “It happened to my aunt. She was ready for a girl and she had a baby with balls.”

Another said, “My firstborn lol. They said the girl…had a boy, and I’m like, “Well, I guess I’ll keep him!” He wore pink a lot!”

The third said: “I would have burst into tears. I have three boys and a stepson. If they told me that this is a girl and this is a boy, I would be devastated.”

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Another said: “I wanted a girl so badly and when we found out we were having another boy I cried and felt SO guilty.

“I passed out during childbirth when I saw HER face.”

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