January 31, 2023

DESPITE their incredible success, the two mothers who created the ground-breaking Christmas decoration brand are still full-time employees.

Alison Burton and Natalie Duvall are the angels behind the first ever Christmas decoration brand. March Muses.



Natalie and Alison’s business continues to growCredit: Muses of March
They appeared in Dragon's Den earlier this year.


They appeared in Dragon’s Den earlier this year.

The moms started their side job back in 2019 with a mission to create a change for their daughters who couldn’t see themselves in their Christmas decorations.

This happened after Natalie’s daughter asked an innocent question about whether an angel could have brown skin.

Co-founder Alison told Fabulous: “Natalie said, ‘Well, of course they can. What a stupid question. Why are you asking about this? But while she was saying this, she realized that we were actually hanging white angels, white Santa Clauses, and we had a white elf on the shelf.

“It was indeed a perfectly valid question that her daughter asked.”


When the couple searched in stores and online, they couldn’t find any jewelry for sale in the UK.

“In this regard, we decided to launch our own range, so we began the design process in early to mid-January 2019,” she explained.

But there was a lot of back-and-forth as Alison commented: “We were asking manufacturers to create something they had never seen before for the UK.


“We were like, ‘Can we have black angels and black Santa?’ and the samples are back when i say as black as jet! We had to use words like African American.

“We gradually got closer and closer to the products we were looking for, and so this process really brought our ideas to life – in 2019 we launched only six products,” the entrepreneur shared.

Their beautifully crafted handmade Christmas items were launched in October 2019 and sales of figurines from their kitchens were a huge success, selling out in just two weeks.


Now they have more than 25 products in their Christmas assortment.

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But they’re still working full-time at their jobs, somehow managing to balance out all this madness.

Alison said: “I work as a recruiting consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, so I work in many global markets in clinical operations and life sciences, and Natalie works as a cultural manager at Red Bull.”

Since then, the brand has seen investors like Liberty of London, Selfridges and Dragons’ Den Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones want a slice of the (Christmas) pudding.

The two longtime dragons invested £50,000 in exchange for 15% of their business between them.

Alison said of her whirlwind year, “It was just amazing. Obviously with the support of the Dragons and the advice they give.

“We started working with the fulfillment center, knowing that we would be released on the air, so we do not fulfill orders from home ourselves.

“We have new items both for Christmas and throughout the year. We have a digital marketing company that we are currently working with. So much has happened, but everything is in the steps to develop the business.”

Also “Dragon’s Lair”, a 40-second clip on the ITV morning show.Lorraine‘ took March Muses to the mainstream and generated £10,000 in business early on.

In their best selling week in November, March Muses brought in £17,000 before the Christmas sales even started.

In the coming months, they plan to add Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other concepts to their range.

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The couple are proud moms and their daughters love their brand.


The couple are proud moms and their daughters love their brand.Credit: Muses of March

After Christmas, Alison is happy to get some rest: “I can already see you waking up and looking a couple of years younger, it’s such a busy, stressful time.

“[The business] has grown far beyond us and we are in a cost of living crisis, we had a really terrible couple of years with the pandemic and people having health problems and all that and it’s just amazing that our business, even with all these problems, continues to grow,” she concluded.

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