January 27, 2023
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St. Louis County Police Department


A still from a video released by the St. Louis County Police Department.


A Kia Sorento damaged by would-be thieves was stolen from the lot of a South County dealership.

St. Louis County police released video footage of an alleged Oct. 2 theft from a Suntrup Kia in Lindbergh South yesterday in the hope that the public could identify the suspect.

A man in denim shorts and a white shirt walks through a parking lot before approaching a red Kia Sorento. Then he sits down and leaves.


The Sorento, which had a plastic film over the driver’s side window, was in a car dealership repairing the steering column after it was damaged in an attempted theft.

Police say the suspect was working with another unknown suspect in the theft and are asking anyone with information about the suspect seen in the CCTV footage to contact law enforcement.

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