January 27, 2023

UKRAINE allegedly tried to assassinate top general Vladimir Putin during a covert visit to the front lines, despite being warned by the US not to do so.

At least 14 Russian generals have been killed in Putin’s indiscriminate invasion of Ukraine.



Ukraine allegedly tried to kill General Valery Gerasimov1 credit
At least 14 Putin generals have died in the war in Ukraine.


At least 14 Putin generals have died in the war in Ukraine.1 credit

Russia has begun moving its top generals to the front lines of Putin’s war to bolster its defenses and boost the morale of fighting troops, US officials say.

But the generals were easy to find, the US said.

And in April, the chief of the Russian General Staff, 66-year-old General Valery Gerasimo, allegedly secretly planned to go to the front.

According to New York TimesUS officials have warned Ukraine that the assassination of General Gerasimov could lead to a sharp escalation of the conflict.


While the Americans have made it clear they are ready to help Ukraine, officials say they don’t want to start a war between the US and Russia.

After agreeing with the White House, senior US officials asked the Ukrainians to call off the attack.

“We told them not to do it,” a senior US official told the New York Times.


“We thought, ‘Hey, this is too much.’

But Ukrainian military officials told the US they had already struck the general.

Dozens of Russians were killed in the attack, but General Gerasimov was not among them.


At the time, an unofficial Russian source said he had been injured in a strike that reportedly took place in Izyum.

And Ukrainian government spokesman Anton Gerashchenko said a “large number” of high-ranking Russian officers had been killed.

After the strike, Russian military leaders reportedly cut back on their visits to the front lines.

This comes after US officials said Russian generals had discussed the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

In troubling developments, Putin officials are believed to have talked about when and how Moscow might use such nuclear weapons, following a string of Russian failures on the battlefield.

Putin reportedly did not participate in the Kremlin talks, which are taking place amid increasingly tense nuclear rhetoric between Russia and the West.

John F. Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, declined to comment on the “details” of language used by Vlad’s insiders, but added: “We made it clear from the outset that Russia’s comments about the potential use of nuclear weapons were of deep concern. and we take them seriously.

“We continue to monitor this as much as we can and we see no sign that Russia is preparing for such use.”

Russia’s horrific nuclear arsenal is believed to contain up to 6,000 warheads, enough to cause worldwide destruction and 200 to 300 million casualties.

This includes up to 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons intended for use on the battlefield to suppress conventional forces.

Such weapons had never been used in combat before, but they could be used in a variety of ways, such as artillery shells or rockets.

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Even the use of a small tactical nuclear bomb could kill thousands and render parts of Ukraine uninhabitable for years to come.

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