January 27, 2023

Fans of THE Traitors are convinced there can only be one winner as the show nears its finale.

The BBC One show has been a huge hit with viewers and now only five players remain ahead of tonight’s grand final.



Fans predicted that Wilfred would win the show1 credit
Claudia leads the trial


Claudia leads the trial1 credit

Among them are the faithful – Hannah, Aaron and Meryl – and the two remaining traitors – the original traitor Wilfred and the rookie Kieran.

Fans on Twitter have stated that Wilfred will be declared the champion thanks to his amazing gameplay including twists, turns and backstabs in today’s final.

One fan stated, “For me, it has to be Wilf – he played the GAME of the century! Give this man an Oscar! #TheTraitors.

Another echoed similar thoughts, adding: “Wilf should win tonight! And himself, because he so deserves it! The pressure he was under is insane! #TheTraitors.


As a third said of “winner” Will, “Wilf’s mental strength and tenacity make him a winner. It’s obvious that he’s not entirely evil, in fact he seems to be very cute.”

While a fourth fan put forth their theory, revealing that they thought the two remaining traitors would turn on each other in a bombshell.

They said, “Tonight, Wilf and Kieran will attack each other, and the winner will be the one who survives the other. 100% traitor takes money. #Traitors.”


This comes amid fan rage over claims that the show was designed to win a traitor.

Wednesday night’s show revealed that Wilf, who was the last remaining traitor at the time, told host Claudia Winkleman that he needed to choose another player in the game to recruit to his dark side.

He chose Kieran, giving him an ultimatum to either join him as a traitor or be killed.


Kieran decided to join him, leaving Meryl, Hannah, and Aaron to remain loyal after Maddie’s exile.

But the producers’ game-changing move means some fans are arguing that the traitors now have an advantage.

“It’s a little rigged. The addition of a new traitor so late in the game made it nearly impossible for the believers to win,” one tweeted.

The second added his analysis, adding, “Consider if the game is rigged in their favor to the point that it has to be done for a guaranteed 12-episode TV show, then the producers should initially pick the Traitors at random.” to avoid the casting logic metagame that drives this endgame.”

TThe final episode of Traitors airs tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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