January 31, 2023
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Penguins are living their best life today, but we won’t be able to see it.


The snow isn’t just canceling school in St. Louis. And when a big storm comes, we all break down. Sure, we’re in the Midwest, but we’re still afraid of the snow. This is not Chicago or Milwaukee. When it gets too snowy or too cold here, the whole city shuts down. We can’t ride in it. We don’t have matching coats for this. And we’re barely fit enough to clear the driveways.

As this storm takes over the area, St. Louis attractions and institutions are closing left and right. So if you’ve been planning on heading to any classic St. Louis destination (other than Art Hill), be sure to sign up first to see who else has doors open for you.

Here are some of the places that have already closed due to snow:


Gate arch
(50 S. Leonor C. Sullivan Boulevard, GatewayArch.com)
Today, the arch is closed to the public (which is a shame, because it would be great to look down on snowy St. Louis), and their call center and ticket office are also closed today. There is no word yet on whether they plan to close tomorrow as well.

St. Louis Zoo
(1 Government Drive, STLZoo.org)
The zoo is closed on Thursday, but it has not yet been announced if it will be closed on Friday.

Missouri Botanical Garden
(4344 Shaw Boulevard, MissouriBotanicalGarden.org)
The garden is closed on Thursday and Friday. This includes his famous Garden Glow event. If you bought a Garden Glow ticket today or tomorrow, you will automatically receive a full refund without having to contact the organization. Garden Glow is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but is otherwise open until January 7th if you wish to rebook your tickets.

St. Louis Art Museum
(1 Fine Arts Drive, SLAM.org)
SLAM is closed today, but nothing is known about Friday yet.


St. Louis Wheel at Union Station
(201 S. 18th Street, TheStLouisWheel.com)
Sorry guys. You can’t climb the wheel until at least Saturday because it’s closed today and Friday.

Butterfly House Sophia M Sachs
(15050 Faust Park, Missouri, Botanical Garden.org)
The cute insects will take a break from looking at us ugly people because the Butterfly House is closed until the weekend.

City Museum
(750 N. 16th Street, CityMuseum.org)
The City Museum did not announce its closure on any of the social networks, so we called to find out what happened, but no one answered the call. So, as of 13:45, we officially have no idea if it’s open today or not. Travel there at your own risk.

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