January 27, 2023

THOUSANDS of households can get free food baskets this Christmas to help with rising costs.

The assistance comes as part of a new £421 million round of funding provided by the government to the Household Support Fund.



Birmingham City Council is handing out thousands of food parcels this Christmas1 credit

The councils have been given a portion of the proposed new funding to be given to needy households to help them with rising bills and food costs.

Birmingham City Council is set to hand out thousands of free food parcels to parents whose children are eligible for free school meals.

More than 1,900 parcels are being distributed to vulnerable households.

They are said to be enough to feed a family of four for four days.


We have reached out to Birmingham City Council to find out what will be included in the boxes and will update this story when we hear back.

Food kits are provided through the Celebrations and Meals program organized by the council.

Parents had to receive a code from their child’s school before the end of the trimester in order to register the package.


Boxes began being delivered to eligible households last week, according to the council.

Hundreds of events and activities are also available during the Christmas period to keep the kids busy.

The support will go to children who qualify for free school meals.


Other councils also offer vouchers to support households during the holidays.

Be sure to stay tuned for news about the scheme on your board’s website.

Can I get help if I don’t live in Birmingham?

Yes, you can still get help from the Household Support Fund.

How much support you can get will vary because each council is responsible for how to spend the available funding.

Some decide to provide assistance automatically, while in other cases you will need to apply.

Some councils prefer to distribute funding in the form of vouchers, while others give out cash.

For more information on what support is available and how to get it, you should contact your local council.

You can find yours using the gov.uk council check tool.

What can I get?

Councils decide how to allocate their funding.

But in the latest round of funding, you can get up to £500 of free cash support from some tips like Bromsgrove and Redditch.

Residents of Effingham, near Guildford, can receive up to £300 in cash to help them get through the cost of living crisis.

Redcar and Cleveland Council said thousands of families could receive up to £200 directly into their accounts.

Bradford Council will also give some residents a £65 stipend this winter.

What other help can I get to pay for food this Christmas?

The Healthy Start scheme offers prepaid food cards to women over 10 weeks pregnant and to women or men with children under the age of four.

Most local councils run their own social assistance programs for low-income or crisis families.

Grants can sometimes cost up to £1,000.

Free school meals are offered throughout the semester and will also be available to select families during the holiday period.

Semester dates vary by country, but most schools in England closed for the Christmas holidays on 19 December and will then resume classes on 3 January 2023.

Parents whose children qualify for free school meals can claim up to £40 per child, but this amount depends on where you live.

The assistance provided to each family depends on the local authorities.

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