January 31, 2023

This Christmas, drivers were urged to check unfamiliar parking rules to avoid paying a £100 fine.

Most drivers are planning to visit family and friends this Christmas and will have to park their cars in different places.



Drivers urged to check unfamiliar parking rules to avoid paying £100 fineCredit: GETTY_HUB

Experts in LeaseCar.uk named places that motorists should avoid during the holiday period to avoid angry complaints and costly fines.

They say it is currently only illegal to park on the sidewalk in London, but local councils should introduce double yellow lines and signs to prevent drivers from parking on the sidewalk.

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It may be tempting to park on the sidewalk when you visit your family this Christmas, but always check the signage first and avoid doing it in the capital.


Before parking in a car park, drivers must also ensure that overnight stays are allowed.

If the car park is out of tickets, it might seem easy to get away with it, but you can’t park here overnight because car parks use ANPR cameras to catch illegal visitors.

If they are caught, drivers will have to pay huge fines.

It may also seem like a good idea to park overnight in an empty taxi rank, but it can actually result in drivers being fined.

Parking in front of a neighbor’s driveway has long been a thorn in the side of homeowners across the UK.

Not only is this very annoying to the owner of the driveway, but the parking in front of the house blocks access and interferes with the neighbors’ Christmas plans.

Some drivers may even be tempted to park in their neighbors’ driveway to avoid the long drive to their car.

But be aware that parking in someone’s driveway is an act of trespassing, which is a civil offense.

And some drivers might think it’s okay to park in the bike lane overnight.

However, cyclists can still use bike lanes at any time of the day or night.

Tim Alcock of LeaseCar.uk said: “This Christmas, many of us will either host many guests or visit friends and families.

“And a lot of us drivers don’t really know the specific places and rules where you can park your car overnight.”

“It is important to check where it is forbidden to leave the car overnight.

“Not only that, but places that aren’t illegal but cause serious grievances, like parking in front of your neighbor’s driveway, are inconsiderate, especially during the holiday season.”

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