January 31, 2023
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Annie’s service dog, stolen along with her owner’s jeep this weekend.


For seven years, St. Louis resident Mary Ann Shelton lived with her service dog, Annie. Until this weekend.


Fox 2 News first reported that around 8 a.m. Saturday, Shelton, who lives in the Vandeventer area, was warming up his Jeep Grand Cherokee with Annie inside when the thieves made off with the car and the lab mix.

Shelton told a reporter Jordan Williams that she made eye contact with the thief and said, “Please stop. Don’t take it.”

But the thief left with the jeep and Annie, whom Shelton describes as her “lifeline”. Shelton has had Annie since she was a puppy and has used a certified service animal due to limited mobility.


Shelton says that Annie was wearing a red sweater when the thieves kidnapped her. The thieves also escaped with Shelton’s son’s work tools. But of all the things stolen that morning, it’s Annie who gives Shelton the heartache.

“It goes beyond pets” Shelton said FOX 2. “I had pets, but Annie is different, Annie is completely different.”

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department says it is working to recover Annie and the stolen property.


The incident occurred at the end of a year marked by exceptionally high levels of car theft, including at least one two-week period in which 462 thefts or attempted thefts were reported in the city.

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