January 27, 2023
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The thieves stole all the copper from the cooling condensers at the Friar Tuck in Fenton, according to the assistant manager.


Fenton residents may have to drink room temperature beer due to copper thieves who attacked the Friar Tuck Beverage liquor store at Fenton’s Gravois Bluffs Plaza.

Friar Tuck assistant manager Jason Zebrowski talks RFT that the thieves stole all the copper from the cooling capacitors the store uses to power its refrigerators.

According to Zebrowski, the thieves did not break into the building itself, since the capacitors are located behind the store.


The copper theft was discovered by the district manager.

“We are on our way to a replacement,” Zebrowski says, adding that this time the new units will be installed on the roof.

In the meantime, Friar Tuck will still sell unrefrigerated beer, as well as wine and spirits.


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