January 27, 2023

Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle of THAT Morning were stunned during a live tribute to the legendary Glasgow curry house owner.

Chef Ali Ahmed Aslam, who opened the Shish Mahal restaurant in the western part of the city in 1964, has died at the age of 77.



The hosts were shocked by today’s episode1 credit
The dish is said to have been invented by Ali Ahmed Aslam in the 1970s.


The dish is said to have been invented by Ali Ahmed Aslam in the 1970s.1 credit

ITV presenters were shocked to learn that the chicken tikka masala was made in town after a customer complained about the dryness of their meat.

Legend has it that Mr. Ali prepared a spice sauce and a can of tomato soup, which he ate while recovering from a stomach ulcer.

The dish – now one of the UK’s most affordable curries – was a big hit and was called “an edible example of multicultural Britain” by Lonely Planet.

Josie Gibson said on The Tonight Show, “I was blown away at the pre-show meeting. I didn’t realize that tikka masala wasn’t real Indian.”

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Guests Matthew Wright chipped in: “His curry house in west Glasgow has been around since the 60s.

“Legend has it that a customer who ordered chicken tikka said it was a little dry and asked if they had any sauce.

“Mr. Ali whipped up yogurt, cream and spices. Unfortunately, I think I lost.”


The Sheesh Mahal told the Scottish Sun that they are deeply saddened by the loss of Ali.

They said: “He was always there, in the restaurant 24/7.

“We will all miss him very much, all the staff and family are saddened by his loss.”


Friends and fans of the curry house honored the memory of the chef.

One wrote: “A sad loss for Glasgow. I am honored that you have chosen this place as your home.”

Another said, “Sorry, I can’t be there to pay my respects to a true gentleman and a pillar of our community. I will think of all of you.”

A third added: “So sorry to hear about your loss. His contribution to the life and culture of our city and beyond is immeasurable.

“He was a real gentleman.”

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