January 31, 2023

Jay Calls of KSTP processed crime statistics for Minneapolis in 2022 to report almost every category of violent crime fell for the first time since 2019, a year before the start of the pandemic. The number of homicides in the city has also dropped from 93 in 2021 to 79 in 2022, almost 20%.

Jimmy Lovrien of the Forum News Service via Pioneer Press reports what The U.S. Chemical Safety Investigation and Hazards Board released its final report on the explosion and fire on April 26, 2018. which caused about $500 million in damage Husky Superior Refinery and injured 36 workers in northwest Wisconsin. The report said that two vessels at the catalytic cracker exploded and threw metal fragments up to 1,200 feet away, which pierced a nearby asphalt storage tank and spilled about 17,000 barrels of hot asphalt, causing a fire and a fire.

Adam Uren of Bring Me the News has a sequel on Sudden closure of the Common Roots Cafe: “The workers say that when they wrote a collective letter [owner Dan] Schwartzman asked for a company-wide meeting to discuss matters, he responded with “a long email responding to the comments made in the letter” and allegedly turned down the request for an all-employee meeting. The letter goes on to say that he initiated “one-on-one meetings with every employee” and that some employees “were surprised and frightened by this choice.” Two employees were allegedly fired after one-on-one meetings in mid-November, prompting some employees to reach out to UNITE Local 17 to discuss unionizing.

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Charmaine Nero at KARE 11 reports what a family Gabriel “Dino” Mendozawho was shot while working as a security guard at the uptown Fire House restaurant and bar back in October. offers a $10,000 reward for information leads to the arrest of the killer.

Peter Passy in the Duluth News Tribune reports what Cirrus Aircraftmanagement expects 2023 to be another year of solid sales and production growth. Cirrus CEO Zin Nielsen: “Technically everything we can produce in the next two years has already been sold.”

Jon Lauritsen at WCCO-TV reports Supply chain issues affect snowmobile repairswith snowmobiles and parts in high demand this season.


Em Cassel in Racket mourns passage Video Universe. A store that has been renting out VHS tapes (then DVDs) at the Robbinsdale Mall since 1985. will close this year.

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