January 27, 2023

PASSENGERS will soon be allowed to take two liters of liquids in hand luggage in accordance with a major relaxation of airport rules.

The 100 ml limit will be lifted along with the ban on large electrical items such as laptops and tablets.



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This means that vacationers can take a large bottle of water, a tube of toothpaste or a can of deodorant through security onto their flight.

Transport Minister Mark Harper said: “Tiny toiletries have become a staple of airport security checkpoints, but that’s about to change.”

The advanced technologies will be rolled out in phases over the next two years, with the new rules in place by June 2024.

X-ray scanners will give officers a clearer 3D view of what’s in passengers’ bags.


The ministers hope that the technology will reduce the waiting time in line, as well as identify possible threats.

The current 100 ml limit was introduced in 2006 following a terrorist plot to prevent the use of liquid explosives.

Laptops and tablets are also currently not allowed in the cabin, making it difficult for people to work on flights.


Most read in The Scottish Sun

The changes will be rolled out at airports gradually, and Mr Harper reminded passengers to check the rules before traveling.

Christopher Snelling, Political Director of the Airport Operators Association, added: “This investment in next-generation security by UK airport operators will be a big step forward for air travel in the UK, comparable to the best in class around the world.”

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