January 27, 2023

The SCOTS model revealed how she suffered from ‘big breast problems’ on the night of her 21st birthday after being dress coded by bouncers.

Curvy Kayla Keene was celebrating her big birthday in Newcastle when she was told to ‘fix’ her skimpy top or leave the bar.



Kyla Keene was dressed as a bouncer for her 21st birthday.1 credit
Kayla joked that the incident was


Kayla joked that the incident was “a big boob problem.”Credit: Kayla Keene

The dark-haired beauty paired a black v-neck crop top with wide leg white trousers for her big night out.

But the staff took offense at her cleavage on the show and she was told to cover up.

She said: “It was my 21st birthday, so it’s not perfect at all.

“I was told to go to the bathroom and fix my shirt, otherwise I would have to leave.

I am a teacher and I always get a dress code when my dresses are obscene.
Game forced to defend parenthood after 12-year-old daughter was dressed in a dress code

“It’s really just big boob problems.

“Basically, I had to tighten the straps to make it less revealing, and it obviously worked while I stayed.”

The Glasgow-based OnlyFans star, now 26, admits that she now deliberately wears very revealing outfits.


And earlier, she told how married men forget about their wives when they see her forms.

She said: “Many men tell me that their slim, vanilla wives don’t do it for them and they dream of being with a curvy, naughty girl like me.

“I’ve had messages from men I know in my area claiming to be fans or followers and trying to flirt with me after a few drinks and then panicking and deleting the messages when they get sober so their wives won’t find out.


“They’ve been walking around with me all the time asking about the ‘false fantasy’ and I just know they’d love to make it a reality.

“And that’s not all, the car dealers and the workers I was away also tried their luck.

“As soon as I tell them what I do for work, their eyes light up and they forget that they are married.

“I give them my social media and soon I get a new follower notification and a ‘Hi remember me’ message, it works like clockwork.”

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