January 27, 2023

The NEW mom has received sympathy online after sharing her baby’s unique name on social media, sparking a backlash.

The source of inspiration has not been revealed, but many believe that the new mother is a big fan of blue jeans.



A new mom who seems to love blue jeans has given her baby an unusual name that has been mocked on Reddit.1 credit

An unidentified mother opened up about the strange choice of name when she shared her birth experience online.

A screenshot of her post was later posted on Reddit, where users mock her baby name.

“I’m 23 years old and had such an incredible experience of giving birth for the first time, vaginally and without medication!” read the original post.

She continued to share the controversial baby name without any hint that she understood that it was unusual.


“Indigo Cotton was born on 11/7/22 and 8:07 pm,” she wrote.

Redditors were quick to ridicule the name, noting that the particular combination of the first and middle is unfortunate.

“Now your baby is the description of the blouse in the Sears catalog,” wrote one.


“Is it machine washable?” another asked.

“Indigo? Good. I don’t like it but it will do. Cotton? You named your baby after a clothing option,” wrote another.

Some have commented that Indigo Cotton is a perfect, albeit odd, use for “Gene” as a nickname, while others are fixated on pre-Civil War American connotations.


“This gives the pre-war period,” wrote one of them.

“I feel like this quirky free spirit got married barefoot on a plantation,” wrote another, while a third joked, “BRB is compiling a list of ‘money crop baby names’.”

“To continue the theme, her next baby will be Tobacco Sugarcane,” joked another.

Another called it ridiculous and one stated that it “sounds like I named my hamster when I was 4”.



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