January 31, 2023

The POPULAR TV presenter opens up about her secret friendship with ‘The Apprentice’ star Rhys Donnelly.

The Scottish entrepreneur will fight to be Lord Sugar’s next business partner as the BBC hit makes an explosive comeback.



Reece Donnelly will compete for the right to become the next business partner of Lord Sugars1 credit
Lord Sugar's iconic boardroom to return in 'The Apprentice'


Lord Sugar’s iconic boardroom to return in ‘The Apprentice’1 credit
Rhys Donnelly is secretly friends with a popular TV star


Rhys Donnelly is secretly friends with a popular TV star1 credit

Running a successful theater school in Glasgow, company director Rees has proven he has what it takes to secure a £250,000 investment.

And he’s no stranger to the limelight after landing his first TV role at the age of six on the children’s channel CBBC.

With a number of other performances, including in the popular school drama Waterloo Road.

And the guy from Glasgow has the support of a well-known Channel 4 presenter – and the couple goes far into the past.

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How Jean Johansson from A Place in the Sun showed that the hope of reality is like her “little brother”.

Speaking exclusively to the Scottish Sun, she said: “I have known Rhys for many years and see him as a little brother. Many years ago, I opened his first theater school for him and held several master classes for his students.

“I was always amazed at how young he is and how much he has achieved, and also his passion for his students, he really fights for them.


“Of course everyone praises their friends, but Rhys is one of the good guys, very warm, funny and very real.

“He has a Glasgow charm that I know audiences will love and I’m sure he’s good at playing pranks on the other members.

“Rhys will have a good laugh but he will be determined to get this investment of £250,000 and I think he could be in the show but if not then this is a brilliant platform for our tiny star. He is a real entrepreneur.”


It came after Jean revealed that she would like to follow in the footsteps of “I’m a famous friend” Scarlett Douglas.

However, with two new prime-time shows in the works – “Key to Luck” and “A Dream Life at the Same Price” – the popular presenter has given up her job.

Jean Johansson opens up about her friendship with The Apprentice star Rhys Donnelly.


Jean Johansson opens up about her friendship with The Apprentice star Rhys Donnelly.1 credit

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