January 27, 2023

PARTICIPANTS of the new series The Apprentice have signed a ban on sex.

All candidates agreed to a clause in the contract, promising not to get down to business anywhere except in the meeting room.



The Apprentice has imposed a ban on sex for candidates in the upcoming series1 credit

It forbids “any intimate physical contact and/or sexual activity” with contestants or crew participating in the BBC One Lord Alan Sugar show.

The source said: “Any antics can affect the performance of the candidates in the boardroom.

“The main thing in the show is to make Lord Sugar become your business partner, not to find a life partner.”

This happens after a series of series.


The 2017 show was arguably the most romantic show ever – winner James White faced Jade English, and fellow contenders Harrison Jones and Mikaela Wayne became a couple and had a baby in 2018.

Lottie Lyon and Lewis Ellis met while filming in 2019 in Finland, and in 2009 Philip Taylor and Kate Walsh fell in love.

The new series The Apprentice will begin next month with the first episode in Antigua and Barbuda.


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