January 31, 2023
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Enter the annual gingerbread competition. |


Do you love baking contests on Netflix and think it’s time to see your St. Louis friends test their sugar skills? Well, this is your chance.


Sweet shop Charm Me (4915 Maclind Avenue, 314-448-8207) hosts an annual gingerbread competition. The winning gingerbread will no doubt be delicious, but it won’t be your grandma’s gingerbread house. According to shop rules, records can be any type of structure, as tall as their creators dare, although the base must fit on a nine-by-nine-inch board. The entry fee is $10 and the winner goes home with a cool $100.

So stop by and see which baked goods are worthy of Paul Hollywood and which ones are garbage bin fires a la Nailed It. The gingerbread cookies will be on display on Monday, December 19th, and the in-store evaluation will last until Friday, December 23rd.

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