January 27, 2023

STACEY Solomon has unwittingly found herself at the center of a hilarious online debate about how she makes eggs and toy soldiers.

The TV presenter and online lifestyle star welcomed friends from Wales to her stunning home in Essex, starting the day with a dippy egg and soldiers before their day together.



A simple breakfast of eggs and toy soldiers shocks fans1 credit
Stacey was shocked at the response as the fans insisted that the soldiers should be fried.


Stacey was shocked at the response as the fans insisted that the soldiers should be fried.1 credit

However, after they shared photos of their egg dish, fans were shocked that she didn’t toast the soldiers, but left them like regular bread.

In fact, there was such an outcry that mom-of-four Stacey felt the need to discuss the debate herself, as she didn’t realize it would be such an issue.

Giggling from the comfortable couch, Stacey said, “Oh my gosh, a lot of you are like ‘[gasp] Is it just an egg and bread? I’ve never toasted a soldier in my life. I always thought that soldiers were ordinary bread!”

Looking to her comrades off-screen for support, she asked, “Are you roasting your soldiers, Char?”

Stacey Solomon's fans say the same when she gives her daughter Rose a Christmas present.
Loose Women fans fear Stacy Solomon has left the show

Charlotte replied “never” but admitted that they might be outnumbered because of it.

Another friend of hers, Harriet, added that she doesn’t fry her soldiers now when she was growing up, when her mother preferred to cook them that way, telling Stacey, “We broke tradition.”

“Honestly, I only know cold-blooded soldiers, and many of you are like, “Uh, you haven’t toasted your soldiers yet!” Stacey laughed.


“I was worried, I thought I might have done something disgusting to Charlotte and Harriet!”

Stacey is definitely celebrating Christmas this year and even turned her beloved Pickle Cottage home into a Disney-inspired wonderland for the holidays.

Always frugal, Stacey revealed that the “Dream Christmas Tree” for her and husband Joe Swash’s home was made for free from her garden, and fans loved it.


The jewelry was purchased from Primark to keep costs to a minimum.

She even invited her adorable little daughter, Rose, to the party, dressing her in cozy knits and taking her on a sleigh ride for photos.

However, Stacey also talked about how the holidays this year were particularly sad after the death of the family’s beloved dog at the same time last year.

Stacy turned her house into a winter wonderland


Stacy turned her house into a winter wonderlandCredit: [email protected]
This year, Disney's Massive Tree is included in the family.


This year, Disney’s Massive Tree is included in the family.1 credit
This is Joe Swash and Stacey's first Christmas as husband and wife.


This is Joe Swash and Stacey’s first Christmas as husband and wife.1 credit

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