January 31, 2023
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The performers imitate the Grinch at the previous Drag Queen Christmas show.


A Christmas drag show scheduled this week in Chesterfield has come under fire for its all-ages policy.

Age requirement for Drag Queen Christmas — scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 21 at the factory — quickly changed online Monday after a Missouri Republican senator and a group that allegedly fights government abuses criticized the event for its lack of age restrictions.


The factory is still planning to hold an event on Wednesday. Last year, the venue hosted a similar event with no age limit – apparently without public outcry.

Senator Bill Eigel (R-C. St. Charles) wrote a letter to Chesterfield Mayor Bob Nation on Monday against a drag queen Christmas, saying it was clear from past performances he allegedly watched on video that the event was for “adults.” audience only.

Eigel quoted the Chesterfield area code and newly enacted state law which describes material as “underage pornographic” if the performances depict or describe nudity, sexual behavior, and/or “the state of a person’s genitals in a state of sexual stimulation or arousal”, among other criteria. Eigel specifically mentioned the latter.


Eigel represents part of St. Charles County and is a potential candidate for governor of Missouri. His state senatorial district does not include Chesterfield, where the Factory is located.

“Other states may allow children to be raped with such performances, but NOT IN MISSOURI!” Eigel wrote. “I urge state and county law enforcement to enforce laws to protect all underage children from attending this performance.”

Missouri freedom fighters joined Eigel in opposition to drag queen Christmas on Monday. group describing his Twitter goals as “breaking the chains of government abuse”, apparently wrote about this event on his personal Facebook page.


Screenshots posted by a member of the Meramec Township Democratic Committee Laura Burkhardt on Twitter, the band members condemned the event. One woman posted a message template for other detractors to send to the Factory in which she begged the venue to cancel the event “immediately” so that she would never again patronize the business and tell everyone to boycott the venue.

Greg Modlisch, a member of the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee, wrote that a protest was organized outside the plant just before drag queen Christmas began.

“If you think it’s normal for a bunch of transvestites to put on their dirty shows in public for families and kids,[n] stay at home, and God help you!” Modlish wrote.

A Drag Queen Christmas is a nationwide touring show with 36 shows scheduled for this holiday season.

Local protests appear to be far from original as local news outlets in other parts of the country report that protesters gathered outside other screenings criticize the alleged inappropriate sexual nature of the show for minors (most other venues allow people of all ages to visit).

One show in Amarillo, Texas sparked protests outside of its venue. after political and religious leaders threw down criticism over the content of the show. VIP tickets for the event were sold out anyway.

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