January 27, 2023

Shocking footage shows selfish drivers climbing onto the sidewalk to avoid road closures.

Cars in Southall, West London, were caught blatantly ignoring no-travel signs.



Angry pedestrian trying to force sidewalk driver to reversePhoto: Twitter/@UB1UB2
Cars drive around blocked roads in Southall, West London.


Cars drive around blocked roads in Southall, West London.Photo: Twitter/@UB1UB2

One video shows people removing cones and barriers to make room for several cars.

They follow one another in an even stream, leaving no room for pedestrians.

In another video, an angry pedestrian tries to force a motorist to turn back.

He stands in front of the car and waves to the driver until they finally step back and turn around.


And in the footage of the third incident, the white van stops to talk to someone who filmed his illegal move.

Pointing ahead, he says, “I’m just going there,” to which the guy behind the camera says, “You can’t just drive down the path.”

The van driver asks, “What do you want me to do?”


The other man tells him to use his Sav Nat to find a suitable route before threatening to call the police.

The roadblock is believed to be outside Beaconsfield Primary School on Beaconsfield Road.

Footage of cars driving on the sidewalk was posted on Twitter, with viewers lashing out at “eligible” drivers.


One said, “Isn’t this irresponsible, antisocial, dangerous and illegal driving?”

Another wrote: “Don’t these people know what the signs mean?

“If they don’t, they shouldn’t be driving. If you do that, they shouldn’t drive.”

Andrew Stevens said, “What the hell makes people think they can drive on the sidewalk?”

And another user responded: “Incredible name from motorists, no more, no less.”

Driving on a sidewalk, footpath, or bridle is illegal except to obtain legal access to property or in an emergency.

A criminal offense carries a fine and demerit points, but if classified as reckless or dangerous driving, it can result in disqualification, an unlimited fine, and even jail time.

Ignoring road closure signs can result in a fixed fine and even prosecution for reckless driving.

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The Metropolitan Police said: “The case has been referred to the district for further review.”

The Sun has reached out to Ealing Council for comment.

The van drives down the trail before a heated exchange with the operator.


The van drives down the trail before a heated exchange with the operator.Photo: Twitter/@UB1UB2
Pedestrian following a vehicle that ignored road signs and barriers


Pedestrian following a vehicle that ignored road signs and barriersPhoto: Twitter/@UB1UB2

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