January 27, 2023
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Dave Sandusky, Steve Ewing, Lauryn Nalick and Gerard Kraft discuss the CITY Flavor nutrition program with team officials. Schnucks is a new partner for the St. Louis MLS team.


When St. Louis CITY SC will take to the field this spring, with local children accompanying the players for pre-game ceremonies.

This was made possible thanks to the new Player Friends program sponsored by the local supermarket Schnucks. Two organizations announced Schnucks as the football team’s “proud product partner” on Monday.

Children accompanying players on the pitch are common in other markets. In St. Louis, kids will wear Player Pals T-shirts with the Schnucks logo.


“As a St. Louis hometown grocer, Schnucks is delighted to welcome St. Louis CITY SC is in our big sports city and is proud to be part of their first season,” Schnucks Director of Marketing and Communications Bill Bradley said in a statement. “We look forward to developing our longstanding partnership with the club and celebrating professional football with CITY fans.”

More information about the Player Pals program will be released as the season approaches. The partnership will also allow both teams to run outreach programs in the future.

This will be the grocery store giant’s latest sports sponsorship, which also has partnerships with the Cardinals and Blues.


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