January 27, 2023

Sam Fiers thought all her Christmases came right after her son Edward reached a huge milestone.

The reality TV star shared a cute video with fans of her youngest son Edward crawling for the first time.



Sam is now a mother of three.Credit: Instagram/@samanthafaiers
The kid made his way to the fireplace


The kid made his way to the fireplace1 credit

The mother of three children could not believe the unexpected act of a charming baby.

Sam is also the mother of Paul, six, and Rosie, four, with her husband, Paul Knightley.

In the video, little Edward can be seen crawling towards the fireplace – with impressive speed!

He seemed to be seduced by one of Sam’s sumptuous Christmas decorations as he reached out to grab a nutcracker by the hearth.


The ‘Mom Diaries’ star captioned the video, “Christmas Eve Surprise… The crawling has begun, wish me luck.”

The star added jokingly, “I’m worried about my tree.”

Her sister Billie commented under the video, “Yay go ahead Edward!! I love you darling, it’s time to go!! Ready to explore the world.”


The Apprentice star Louise Zissman added: “Oh my God!!! Big boy”.

Denise Van Outen just said, “Oh.”

Sam welcomed her third child this May after taking a step back from her family reality show.


She shared the video with partner Paul Knightley, daughter Rosie of four and son Paul of six with the newcomer.

The video began with fireworks before showing the world the last member of the Knightley clan.

She captioned the video: “My whole world 💙
There are no words to describe how much we love you baby. Honestly, I can’t explain my feelings right now 🥲 Mom loves you more than you can imagine. Now in our baby bubble, I’ll be back soon 😘”

The video also showed a shot of Sam in the birthing pool at home, indicating she had a water birth.

Paul was seen sitting on the couch watching intently as Rosie held her mother’s hand.

The star regularly informs fans about family antics.


The star regularly informs fans about family antics.1 credit
Sam and Paul recently left The Mom Diaries.


Sam and Paul recently left The Mom Diaries.1 credit

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