January 31, 2023

FOR Rylan Clark, last Christmas was “weird.”

The TV presenter’s six-year-old husband, Dan Neal, left him six months earlier when the Strictly Need Two host admitted to being unfaithful “a year ago.”



Rylan is looking forward to a quiet Christmas after last year’s drama1 credit
He's in a much better place since his split from husband Dan Neal.


He’s in a much better place since his split from husband Dan Neal.1 credit

Rylan subsequently struggled with his mental health and said he would go to bed, praying that he “wouldn’t wake up” and ultimately attempted suicide.

He was later admitted to a psychiatric hospital to help him recuperate after a five-month career break.

For that reason, he is looking forward to a peaceful Christmas with his mum Linda, who he says is feeling much better after her recent health problems, just in time for the holiday season.

Linda suffers from Crohn’s disease for which there is no cure and is drip fed.


The duo had to take a break from Celebrity Gogglebox earlier this year when she had a seizure.

Rylan previously revealed that he built his mom a house so she could live closer to him and he could look after her.

The ‘This Morning’ host tells us, “She’s not that bad. She had a few health issues a few weeks ago but is feeling very, very well, just in time for Christmas. It is important”.


Rylan adds: “Sounds funny, but I just want a good Christmas this year.

Rylan said his mom Linda Clark is feeling much better for Christmas.


Rylan said his mom Linda Clark is feeling much better for Christmas.1 credit
Rylan joked that he would like to get a marriage contract before marrying Dan


Rylan joked that he would like to get a marriage contract before marrying Dan1 credit

“Last Christmas was a little weird for me, so yeah, I just want to have a good Christmas where I can have fun, laugh, play some stupid games, see the people I need to see and just hang out. do what I want to do.

“Just, completely selfish, do what I want.”


lonely life

A year and a half after he broke up with Dan, Rylan feels more optimistic about being single.

He is joking: “[Single life is] cold. I mean, no, it’s all right.

“It’s nice to be selfish for a change and do what I want, when I want, and I don’t have to tell anyone what I do or don’t do.

“So yeah, being single is fun. It’s always a little weird this time of year because you just want to sit indoors and cuddle, but I have a pheasant running around in my garden, so I’m fine.”

He adds, “I wouldn’t say I’m looking for a guy, but if I met someone I liked, I wouldn’t say no.

I would not say that I am looking for a guy, but if I met someone who I liked, I would not refuse.

Rylan Clark

Why should I? I think we all want someone, don’t we?

Despite his optimism, Rylan can’t help but offer some of the harsh advice he would have given himself in his youth.

“Get a prenuptial agreement!” he jokes before adding, “No, I would say just enjoy.

“I’ve spent so many years worrying about what’s next and not really enjoying the present.

“If you are doing what you love, enjoy every second of it and stop worrying about tomorrow. Definitely don’t worry about yesterday.”

Return of Big Brother

Rylan won Celebrity Big Brother and presented Bit On The Side.


Rylan won Celebrity Big Brother and presented Bit On The Side.Credit: Getty – Contributor

Rylan hosted “Strictly: It Takes Two” this year, which he said was much better than his previous performance as they were “virtually allowed to be within a meter of each other” now that Covid rules have been relaxed.

“It was a lot of fun, I felt like it was Strictly again, and it was really cute,” he says.

Having introduced Big Brother’s Bit On The Side after winning Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 and being a huge fan of the show, Rylan has been campaigning for years to bring it back.

But he insists ITV has not contacted him to present the new series, which is returning next year, and says it’s out of his control.

He says “I’m not going to sit here and fucking worry about [it]so I wish you all good luck with Big Brother.

“It’s an amazing job to be a part of it. If I return, I will return. But if I don’t, I won’t.”

Referring to rumors that AJ Odudu has taken on the role, he says, “I would totally support AJ. I love her.

“Anyone who takes this job, I would sit down and tell them: good luck, but you just have to enjoy it. And if you don’t like it, it will show, so make sure you love it.”

sex rating

Rylan presented Strictly, It Takes Two


Rylan presented Strictly, It Takes Two1 credit

Next year, Rylan will have Rated Sex on Channel 4, which, as the name suggests, is all about sex.

“I just filmed this and, Lord Jesus, my eyes are open,” he says.

“All I can tell you is that there are a lot of things I didn’t know and I’m going to go and try.

“The gift bag I came home with definitely gave me pleasure – nothing surprises me anymore!”

Raylan works with a furniture brand DFS to inspire people to embrace their individuality and channel their unique style into creating the perfect home for them.

As for his own style, he says, “I think it’s a mixture of being a total kid and trying to be an adult.

“So I’ll have melted ice on a stick like a sculpture, which is really childish but very artistic.

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“I don’t live, I laugh, I love.” Say so.”

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this article, call the Samaritans toll-free on 116123.

Rylan Clark spoke exclusively to The Sun.


Rylan Clark spoke exclusively to The Sun.1 credit

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