January 31, 2023

RISHI Sunak today unveiled a five-point New Year’s Eve Action Plan to help deal with the storm of crises sweeping Britain.

The prime minister assured the nation that he could end the cost of living and end poverty, and finally solve the problem of illegal immigration.



Rishi Sunak lays out his plan for Britain
Series of strikes hurt Britain


Series of strikes hurt Britain

He also set out to respond to critics who blame the Tory leader for going missing as the NHS creaks under the pressure of a winter surge.

Heralded as a “reset” moment for his premiership, this first big speech Mr. Sunak has been donating since finishing 10th in October.

He said, “Your priorities are my priorities. Together we will build a better future.”

Conservative MPs crowned him prime minister to restore order and control after Liz Truss’ disastrous 49 days in office.


But Mr. Sunak’s first few months were plagued by a series of problems, chiefly a series of devastating strikes across a range of industries.

Today, railroads are once again taking action on a virtual week-long train shutdown that is causing havoc on passenger journeys.

RMT hardman Mick Lynch has warned that its members could go on strike for several weeks until their demands are met.


Mr. Sunak has vowed to draft an anti-strike law within weeks to crack down on militant unions that are wreaking havoc.

Promising to make an announcement “in the coming days,” he said: “We really appreciate public sector workers like nurses who are doing an incredibly important job.

“And that is why we want a reasonable dialogue with trade unions about what is responsible and fair for our country.”


NHS leaders are also warning that hospitals are stretched to the limit as waiting times for ambulances increase and seasonal viruses such as Covid and flu overwhelm doctors and nurses.

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Health officials have even advised people to wear masks if they are not feeling well, which has angered Conservative MPs.

And backlogs have risen to seven million since Covid, leaving cancer patients waiting for treatment.

The prime minister is also under pressure to stem the flow of migrants arriving in small boats across the English Channel after promising to end the crisis last month.

Last year, a record 45,756 migrants crossed the English Channel to the UK, a 60% increase.

Grumpy Tory MPs are starting to lose patience, and some are already coming out of hiding to ask him to shake things up.

Former cabinet minister Nadine Dorries, a supporter of Boris Johnson, said that “three years of a progressive Conservative government [was being] flushed down the drain.”

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Today, she said, “Now it will be almost impossible to meet with voters at GE and expect voters to believe or trust our manifesto commitments.”

She also denounced Mr. Sunak’s push to force all children to study math by the age of 18.

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