January 27, 2023

MICHAEL BEAL admits he’s returned to the ‘quiet’ dressing room and Rangers training ground.

But he believes wins in games like Ross County can boost his tired team’s confidence again.



The Rangers boss thinks a victory will cheer up his squad.Credit: Willy Wass
John Lundstram scored the winning goal with a low pass in the first half.


John Lundstram scored the winning goal with a low pass in the first half.Credit: Willy Wass

A first-half strike from John Lundstram gave the Rangers a win at Dingwall, the boss’s third straight win since taking over.

He said that in recent matches the midfielder had been given injections to play through the pain.

And he called the Friday night screening “comfortable, if not clinical” at the end of a long week.

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Lundstram scores early as Gers holds on for third win in a row

The Gers won both away days at Dingwall and Aberdeen and accumulated many away miles.


But Beal believes that the team will benefit from this – for the first time in his career he will play to zero.

He said: “We know the work is going on and the most important thing is to keep winning.”

“I ended up in a group that is a little quiet on the training ground and a little quiet in the locker room.


“So I know it’s not all that fantastic in terms of feeling.

“All we can do is play games and win. We came to Pittodrie and won a big victory, we came here and won.

“Sometimes you need to score three points and leave.


“We look forward to Motherwell on the 28th.”

The celebratory fixture list featured two away games in four days and Rangers now have a five-day break before playing Well at Ibrox and then Celtic on January 2.

Beale expects Antonio Colac and Kemar Ruf to return to this game after they see Ben Davis partner Connor Goldson and help contribute to the county shutdown.

Beal added: “We’re tired, it’s the end of a long week with two long drives and we’re just happy to get on with three points, but the bottom line for the group is a clean sheet.

“For the most part it was convenient and we left John [McLaughlin] clean – he had one good save in the first half.

“Comfortable but not clinical is a good way to put it.

“I was happy that Connor and Ben are playing together again tonight and it ended up in a draw – that’s a good sign to move forward.”

Number two Malky McKay added: “We are disappointed.

“We knew we had to take a step forward and didn’t want to sit in a deep backyard.

“I thought we had two great chances in the first half and the Rangers scored a good goal, but we pressed them hard and stole the ball a lot in the first half.”

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