January 27, 2023

A RANGE ROVER driver uploaded a video to social media after experiencing a problem.

The video was filmed with a smartphone and shows a Range Rover Evoque stuck in the middle of a busy road.



The man who forgot his keys posted the moment on InstagramCredit: instagram/@moylesee

Instagram user @moylesee, known as Kevin Moyles, filmed the incident.

He begins the video by saying, “A word of advice, boys and girls.

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“Don’t turn on the machine and then go inside and start playing with your hair.


“Then leave the keys on top of the toilet downstairs.

“I drove halfway, I saw this light on the dashboard, and I was like, “Oh, I wonder what it is? I’ll just turn off the car, okay?”

“Oh! Now it does not turn on – there are no keys!”

Range Rover Evoque stuck on a busy road with hazard lights on.

There seems to be a line of cars behind him as well, as the drivers struggle to get through.

Viewers in the comments under the video reacted ambiguously.

One person said: “My brother went from Yorkshire to Heathrow and realized he did it!

“Had to take a train back to Sheffield, another to Hull, then back to Heathrow to pick up my niece from her flight.”

Another person said, “So your first thought was to film it for Insta content? ffs”.

While the third said, “Then run back and get the keys, you’re delaying Peoples’ Day.”

A queue of vehicles forms behind the Evoque.


A queue of vehicles forms behind the Evoque.Credit: instagram/@moylesee

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