January 27, 2023

Prince Harry “couldn’t understand” that he couldn’t “sweetly talk to his grandmother” during the Megzit, courtiers said.

For years, the Duke had a close relationship with the Queen, and Harry allegedly believed that he could influence his nanny when he got into trouble.



The courtiers claimed that Harry “couldn’t understand” that he couldn’t “chat with his grandmother”.1 credit
The duke had a close relationship with the queen, and Harry supposedly believed he could influence his grandmother.


The duke had a close relationship with the queen, and Harry supposedly believed he could influence his grandmother.1 credit

But during negotiations over the future of 38-year-old Harry and Meghan outside the royal family, insiders claimed the Duke’s persuasion skills had dried up.

This comes after the Prince accused the Queen of being controlled by aides during the Sandringham Summit in January 2020.

Speaking on the £88million Netflix documentary series, Harry said the Queen’s decision to give him and Meghan an ultimatum was backed by “the advice she was given” by the men in the gray suits.

And he further argued that Her Majesty’s “ultimate mission” was to defend the institution from “attacks by the Sussexes”.


But Harry’s comments represent a change of tactic from seeing his grandmother as a “commander-in-chief” to a “miniature figure,” the courtier said.

Speaking to Sunday Timesanother assistant added, “He couldn’t understand that he wasn’t a sassy guy who was going to coax his grandmother to get what he wanted.”

Discussing the summit, Harry told the docuseries how he was “terrified” when 40-year-old brother William began to “scream and scream” during the showdown about his future.


And he said Dad King Charles said things that “just weren’t true.”

This came after the Sunday Times reported that Harry and Meghan were demanding an apology from the palace and an urgent meeting for how they felt they had been treated.

They are said to have become furious after the royal aides arranged a “reconciliation” meeting between Lady Susan Hussey and Ngozi Fulani, but did not do the same to them.


The demand to sit down comes despite Duke staggering through paperwork that such a meeting and apology will never happen.

Speaking on the documentary series, Harry adds: “I had to come to terms with the fact that we will probably never get real accountability or a real apology.”

The newspaper reported that one of the courtiers called these demands “outrageous”.

Despite the relentless shelling of their family, the Sussexes were invited to the coronation of King Charles.

Charles’s historic ceremony will take place on May 6, and as you know, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will get a job if they want to.

Palace declined to comment on any of the claims made by the couple in the Netflix documentary series.

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