January 27, 2023

An insider said that Prince William’s relationship with his brother is “hanging by a thread” ahead of the release of the Harry book.

The Duke of Sussex’s memoir “Spare” will go on sale January 10th.



Sources say Harry and William’s relationship is “hanging in the balance.”
Harry's memoirs will be released on January 10th.


Harry’s memoirs will be released on January 10th.

Harry vowed to explore the “ups and downs” of his extraordinary life as royalty, culminating in his bitter “megzit” split from the royal family.

And now the sources of the publication say that this will further spoil the relationship between Harry and William.

One source said daily mail: “Things are hanging in the balance after the last few months, and from the looks of it, Harry’s memoir is unlikely to help.”

This came after The Sun reported that Harry’s new book would blow up the system that had him playing “backup” to his older brother.


A source said, “At the heart of this book is the rivalry between younger brother and older brother.

“It will reveal Harry’s bitterness and sense of injustice that, by the nature of the hierarchy and birthright, he has always played second fiddle to the elder William.”

The long-awaited book is written by J. R. Mehringer, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who previously wrote the autobiography of tennis player Andre Agassi.


The memoir is believed to answer questions that were not addressed in the Harry and Meghan show on Netflix.

Experts believe that the dramatic moments were hidden from the show as the content of the book.

Meanwhile, Meghan is also thought to be thinking about writing her own story.


A source close to the couple told OK that she is “thinking about being completely candid about her time in the royal light while considering writing her own memoir.”

They added, “She is fully committed to writing this book and leaving no stone unturned.”

Harry is known to have already recorded a TV interview about the book for ITV News at Ten’s Tom Bradby.

It is expected to go live on Sunday, two days before the book’s publication.

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