January 27, 2023

PEOPLE have only now realized that you can get rid of mold from a certain item, and all this time they have been throwing it away.

Mold and condensation can spread throughout your home, especially when temperatures drop in winter.



You may be throwing away a key mold-prevention element.1 credit

If left untreated, mold can pose a risk to vulnerable Britons with existing health problems such as eczema or asthma.

But it turns out that there is an easy way to reduce dampness in the house.

Silica packets — the little sachets that go into shoes and clothes — can end up protecting your walls and window sills.

This is because they are designed to prevent moisture from damaging the product, which is why they are ideal for keeping moisture out of your home.


You can buy 1g silica sachets for £4.95 on Amazon – and shoppers are raving about them in the reviews section.

One person said: “They are perfect for what I wanted them for.

“My closet, where I keep all of our shoes, is very cold and damp in places. I bought them to put my shoes in.”


Another wrote: “I found the ones that can be used in the microwave – they work great in the car. And I used disposable condensate collectors.”

However, if you decide to use them, be aware that they usually come with new shoes and clothing, so you should keep them instead of buying new ones.

But if you don’t have one and don’t plan to buy new clothes anytime soon, be sure to look for the cheapest price.


But be aware of other ways to prevent mold, especially if you notice it is becoming a problem.

The silica bags are very small, so they may not help if the mold is in a larger area.

More Tips

We tested some of the best mold control methods to see how effective they are.

Dehumidifiers are a good idea to keep near windows to prevent condensation from building up – buyers have even spotted one that costs £50 from Argos.

And they don’t come cheap either – according to Uswitch experts, dehumidifiers typically draw 185 watts, so they typically cost around 6p an hour.

There’s another trick: put salt in a bowl and hope it gets moldy – our reporter Harriet Cook said it worked really well.

And salt costs £1.70 for 500g at Tesco and it’s not that expensive to buy.

You can read the full list of mold prevention tips and our verdict on our test here.

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We also spoke to a real estate professional who said it’s important to take mold seriously.

You can read all the advice he has to offer here.

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