January 31, 2023

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Speaking of Gerwyn Price’s decision to cover his ears, sports expert Wayne Mardle said: “I’ve never seen anything like this before.

“Obviously it was brewing, he had headphones before the game and thought about it. Which is completely allowed.


“The fact that he wore these headphones here a week ago shows that he is a bit infirm.

Clemens was better than him. It’s that simple. Gerwin couldn’t find anything about this event that was strange and special.

“He felt pressure and didn’t feel 100% comfortable.

“When you put on these over-the-top headphones, they are meant for the crowd.


“You say, do what you want, I don’t care, I’m the one telling you: “Shut up. Be quiet. Don’t interfere.”

“I thought it was funny that he was wearing headphones and then put on ear protectors – and yet they were still booing him.

“It was an elaborate show where he was like, ‘Now you’re annoying me, so I’m going to try and block you.'”


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