January 27, 2023

PANIC Maya Jama reveals she missed watching the World Cup final after falling out with her ex Stormzy over a visit to Qatar.

The owner of the island of love said that she was stuck in traffic on her way to watch the last game last night between Argentina and France.



Maya said yesterday that she missed football1 credit
Stormzy was detained at the airport on the way to Qatar


Stormzy was detained at the airport on the way to Qatar1 credit

28-year-old Maya was going with friends on Sunday evening to watch the final of the World Cup.

She took to her Instagram stories to show that she was in a hurry to the event but was “stuck in traffic” and unable to watch much of it.

Looking upset, she posted the clip in the back seat of her car, explaining that she was being forced to listen to it on the radio instead.

“Stuck in traffic, missing football, at least the radio,” she wrote, casually donning a beanie and black jacket.


Maia revealed that she reached the venue midway through the match, having conceded Argentina’s first two goals.

She leaned back with a glass of wine as she smiled between the two buddies, posing for a photo in between acts.

Maya is rumored to be back together with her ex-boyfriend and rap star Stormzy three years after the couple broke up.


The Love Island hostess joined her former rapper for the GQ Men of the Year 2022 celebration in November, leaving a one-minute break at 2am.

This came after Stormzy got into an argument with airport staff when they stopped him on his flight to Doha to watch the World Cup.

According to passengers, the star tried to board a Qatar Airways flight from Heathrow Airport but became frustrated when staff noticed a problem with her passport.


In a clip shared with The Sun on Sunday, he can be heard saying, “Same passport. I have one passport.”

In November, Stormzy and Maya had a long conversation at a party at the Pavilion Club in Knightsbridge. He was heard telling his friends that they were together again.

But he didn’t seem too keen on letting the others know because when a fan took a picture of them together, he approached them and demanded that it be taken down.

A source said, “Stormzy and Maya are back together. They take their time but are very much back in each other’s lives after a long time without talking or seeing each other.”

A second source at the party said: “They spent a lot of time together at the after-party and chatted in the corner for ages.

“It seemed like after that they went somewhere together, because she left, and five minutes later he followed her.”

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Stormzy and Maya were together for four years but broke up in 2019 due to allegations that he cheated on her, which he denied.

She got engaged to Australian basketball player Ben Simmons last Christmas after a turbulent romance, but they broke up this summer.

Maya is said to be back with Stormzy


Maya is said to be back with Stormzy1 credit

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