January 27, 2023

A WOMAN was horribly murdered after a firework got stuck in her clothes and exploded on New Year’s Eve.

Elisanjela Tinem, 38, was celebrating with her family on the beach in Praia Grande, Brazil when the tragedy struck.


Fireworks exploded as 38-year-old Elisanjela Tinem fought for her release.

The mom-of-two joined the crowd of revelers to watch the fireworks before one of the rockets got stuck in her clothes.

Her stunned relatives and young children watched in horror as the pyrotechnics exploded before she could remove them.

She died from a chest wound.

Her funeral was to take place this afternoon in the city of São Paulo, where she came from.


The footage of the drama shows revelers filling the beach in Nova Mirim to celebrate the New Year.

Eyewitness Luisa Ferreira, 20, told a local newspaper that there were several unauthorized fireworks on the beach and added: “I saw a huge flash when it was midnight and I was hugging my mom and then everyone started screaming.

“When I went to look, I saw a woman lying on the ground in blood, and the boy who was with her was also on the ground.
“Other people fled to get out of the area.”


It is known that the 41-year-old cousin of the victim told police that the fireworks exploded after hitting her clothes.

It has been confirmed that the pyrotechnic device was not lit by the family, and a murder investigation is currently underway, which is expected to lead to a charge of manslaughter if the person who launched the rocket into the air is found.

A friend wrote on social media: “I can’t believe what happened.


“My love to the whole family. Please, Lord, comfort your hearts at this terrible time. I pray for you.”

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