January 31, 2023

Researchers polled 1,500 IT and tech bosses around the world to find out if they think androids pose an “existential” threat to humanity.

The study found that 49% said the alleged robots would “destroy” humanity and eventually rule the world.



The horrifying scenario of the destruction of mankind by robots was also predicted by theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.1 credit

When asked about the timing of robot dominance, everyone concluded that by 2043 – in just 20 years – there will be 10 billion robots in the world.

The current human population of 8 billion is estimated to grow to around 9 billion by 2043, meaning that in two decades there will be 1 billion more androids on the planet than humans.

The horrific scenario of humankind being wiped out by robots was predicted by theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking when he said that AI could evolve to the point where it would “get out of human control.”

He said: “Success in creating AI will be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it could be our last if we don’t learn to avoid risks.”


A report from online privacy protection company Atlas VPN, which blocks ads and sites known for malware and phishing, confirmed the concerns, with IT experts expressing “concerns” about future “robot overlords”.

The report says many experts are concerned that robots are being made “too human” and that if they are given emotions and the ability to think, humanity could soon be wiped out.

An Atlas VPN spokesperson said: “Six of the 10 experts we spoke with said they think they will be working alongside intelligent robots in five years.


“While the good outweighs the bad, some IT professionals have concerns about AI.

“More than half of the respondents – 55% – said that AI will create serious privacy issues or endanger people’s work.”

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