January 27, 2023

A MYSTERIOUS alien-like hexagon that can be seen from space has long baffled the internet.

But the identity of the formation, located on the rugged coastline of Australia, has a simpler explanation.



Mysterious hexagon can be seen from spaceCredit: YouTube

Harold E. Holt Naval Station is a secret communications center operated by the Australian Department of Defense.

This facility is an Australian-American joint venture and is also home to high-tech technology used by the US Department of Defense Space Force.

Author Garret Graff, in his book Raven Rock, states that the station consists of 13 radio masts.

The tallest, Tower Zero, is in the middle, with six other towers arranged around it in a hexagon.


The facility sends radio signals to US Navy and Royal Australian Navy ships and submarines in the Western Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean.

It is considered the most powerful transmitting station in the Southern Hemisphere.

During World War II, the base was used during World War II to “transmit messages between Australian and US command centers and their ships and submarines”.


The station is located near the town of Exmouth on the northwestern cape of Western Australia.

During the Cold War, US military intelligence was once based in the Pilbara township in Exmouth, Western Australia.

The city was built to support the Harold E. Holt Naval Signal Station and is a monument to the cooperation between Australia and the United States during the Cold War.


Expert Anthony Barker said the US Navy has “amazing technology to communicate with submarines underwater.”

But he needed “an outlet to the ocean, some distance from big cities with conflicting radio broadcasts, and therefore its very emptiness was ideal for Americans.”

It is named after the former prime minister of Australia who mysteriously disappeared while swimming in 1967.

Back in 2020, mum-of-two Vanessa Hammond baffled the internet when she shared a strange formation on social media after spotting it on Google Maps.

After uploading photos of the hexagon with her 60,000 Instagram followers, she asked them what it was.

One responded that it was “super creepy”.

Interestingly, she soon reported that some people responded with “many stories that I was asked not to share.”

Vanessa Hammond baffled the internet when she posted a photo of the base.


Vanessa Hammond baffled the internet when she posted a photo of the base.1 credit

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