January 31, 2023

Sometimes when I call or email as your friendly local public safety reporter, I get mistaken for Mohamed Ibrahim of the Golden Gophers running back.

Mohamed Ibrahim

While I may not have had nearly 1,600 yards under my belt last year like the other Mohamed Ibrahim, I have been busy covering issues related to public safety in the Twin Cities, such as how Minneapolis Police Department plans to use drones, how did police departments throughout the subway deal with it staff shortage in recent years and how Hennepin County Attorney and Sheriff the race is over.


In the run-up to the new year, my lighting is expected to include police reforms being tested by agencies throughout the metro, the subsequent consent agreement between the city of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, and the expected end Department of Justice investigation in the MPD.

But to continue covering public safety issues beyond the news of the day, providing additional analysis and explaining the reasons for what is happening, we need your help.

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