January 27, 2023

MOTHER, who has cold feelings for her ex, shared a mystery about her “frozen” baby name.

The woman’s tentative nickname generated a strong response from Reddit users when it was posted on the platform.



The mother shared her daughter’s Disney-inspired name on a Reddit thread.1 credit

Reddit user La Papillon posted movie-inspired names of kids on the social media platform.

The mother said that she named her six-year-old daughter Elsa.

Her ex-husband and Elsa’s father married a second time to another woman, with whom he planned to give birth to another daughter.

The problem became apparent when her ex’s new wife revealed the child’s intended name.


Much to the mother’s shock, her ex-husband’s new wife decided to name their daughter Anna.

The names came as a shock to the mother because Elsa and Anna were the sisters’ names in the hit movie Frozen.

The mother stated that she had exhausted all possibilities to ensure that her daughter’s half-sister did not have a name inspired by the film.


“I demanded that they choose a different name,” she said. “But he thinks I’m acting crazy.”

The mother even sought legal advice regarding the choice of the child’s name.

“I called my divorce lawyer, but she doesn’t think we can do anything about it,” she added.


The mother also threatened to sabotage the relationship between her daughter and her half-sister, which she later abandoned.

Reddit users flocked to the comments section to give their opinion on the matter.

“Yeah, it’s pretty tasteless,” wrote one user. “But to be honest, the new mom is only 25.”

“I think the ex-wife should be kind of happy that the new wife wants her daughters around, maybe she should take that as an addition,” the Reddit user added.

Others have suggested that the name is too simple for the mother to be angry with.

“Is she really trying to get the gatekeeper to like one of Disney’s most popular movies?” another wrote. “I don’t sympathize with that kind of ego.”

The mother named her daughter after Elsa (right) from the popular Disney film Frozen.


The mother named her daughter after Elsa (right) from the popular Disney film Frozen.Credit: Disney
Mother's baby name mystery has been posted on a Reddit thread.


Mother’s baby name mystery has been posted on a Reddit thread.Credit: TikTok/u/LaPapillionne

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