January 31, 2023

A mother spoke of her grief after her husband and 14-year-old daughter died in a devastating house fire.

Paul Scott and his daughter Mia died in a fire at their home in Workington, Cumbria, in May.



Paul and Mia Scott died in a house fire1 credit

The investigation learned that the fire was caused by the fact that a cigarette butt was thrown into an open fire in the living room. Lanks live reports.

The desperate father, known to friends as Archie, yelled “help me” as he desperately tried to escape through an upstairs window.

His wife Caroline also screamed hysterically as flames engulfed the house with her family inside.

She now paid tribute to her husband, who “made me laugh for a minute,” and daughter, who had an “infectious temperament.”


Caroline added, “She was our world.”

The mom also told how her daughter adored the family’s dog Ged, a black Labrador, who warned them about the fire but has since disappeared.

Paying tribute to Archie, she added: “We tried for a few years to have a baby, and finally, in 2007, we had a daughter. Mia was our only child.


“We got married in May 2014 in Whitehaven and Mia was our flower girl.

“Life with him was an adventure and it was never boring.”

The investigation was told how a neighbor saw Archie dangling from an upstairs front window looking badly burned.


Keith Barton said, “I grabbed him by the arms, but I couldn’t get a hold of him. He seemed to come to his senses a little.

“I pulled it out of the window a little. I never heard him speak. He moaned a little.

“I felt like you were always trying to get him out of the window. The smoke was so thick. Someone came up and said you did your best.

“Caroline was at a loss, I don’t think she could take it. They were yelling at Archie, telling him to jump.”

Two other bystanders ran to the back of the house, trying to save Mia by breaking her window.

Unfortunately, they were forced to retreat after a powerful backflow caused a series of explosions.

Keith’s wife Christine, Caroline’s best friend, said: “I knew Mia couldn’t get out.

“He asked how old she was, I said 14 and he got upset. Caroline was in shock, saying that her whole life was spent in this house.

An autopsy revealed that both Archie and Mia died of smoke poisoning, with most of the teen’s burns occurring after her death.

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The Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service said a cigarette butt set a bucket of coal and waste paper on fire as the embers from the fire floated back into the room.

Returning the accidental death report, Assistant Coroner Margaret Taylor stated, “Despite their attempts by neighbors, bystanders and emergency services, Mia and Archie died.”

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