January 27, 2023

Sue Radford talked about how she would like to lose weight in the coming months and how she plans to do it.

The mom of 22, who heads the UK’s largest family, took part in a candid Instagram Q&A session with her 496,000 followers.



Sue Radford has announced her weight loss goal for 2023.Credit: instagram/@theradfordfamily
The matriarch of the family wants to shed the stone


The matriarch of the family wants to shed the stoneCredit: instagram/@theradfordfamily

When the conversation turned to New Year’s resolutions, the 46-year-old asked her social media community what goals they have set for themselves in 2023.

Soon their responses were pouring in, and one person told Sue that they were looking to “lose the stone.”

Sue then told everyone that she would also like to drop 14 IB by improving her exercises.

She replied, “Many of you say this, I am also eager to lose the stone.”


Social media and the TV star kept saying, “So I’m going to swim and walk more.”

The busy mom then added her own support by saying “We can do it” along with a muscle emoji.

Sue also admitted that she could potentially enlist husband Noel as her workout buddy and keep her motivation high.


When another of her followers said they would like to go to the gym, Sue replied that they had a very similar conversation.

She wrote: “That was one thing @noelradford and I talked about this year.”

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Sue also talked about another big change for 2023 – that she will no longer breastfeed her daughter.


Sue revealed that she stopped breastfeeding her little girl Heidi after making the decision at the end of 2022.

She explained, “I stopped breastfeeding Heidi just last month.

“It was emotional and she is our last but I feel so good that my body is back.

Adding advice to anyone in a similar position, she said, “It’s hard to stop, but just be firm.”

It came after Sue reflected on the past twelve months, wishing her Instagram followers a Happy New Year.

In her last post of the year, Sue shared an overview of their video editing highlights, picking out a few particularly memorable moments for her large brood.

Alongside the clip, Sue wrote: 2022 has been such a great year for us.

“In February, we welcomed little Chester into the family, and in July, little Mila.

I ordered a £82 wedding dress and veil from Shein and this is what I thought.
I went to the biggest ASDA in the UK and was stunned but everyone else is asking the same thing.

“But here comes 2023 and I feel like it will be an AMAZING year that we can’t wait to share with you all.

“Thank you so much for all your love and support throughout the year, we really appreciate you.”

Sue also talked about stopping breastfeeding.


Sue also talked about stopping breastfeeding.Credit: instagram/@theradfordfamily
The proud 22-year-old mom recently thought about 2022.


The proud 22-year-old mom recently thought about 2022.Credit: Instagram/@theradfordfamily

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