January 27, 2023

Father Anthony Connelly S.P. born and raised in Glasgow with an interest in science. He went on to study biomedical sciences. While doing research in pharmaceuticals at the University of Strathclyde, he felt a strong call from God to minister to the poor with the missionaries of mercy who took him to Italy, Mexico, Kenya and Albania. Returning to Glasgow, he began to discern a call to the Congregation of the Passion (Passionists) and continue to serve Jesus Crucified in many ways as a monk and priest and spent 5 years in St Mungo’s parish in Glasgow. as a college and university chaplain and port chaplain with Stella Maris. Father Anthony is now very happy to be part of the Passionist community in Minsteracre.

Welcome to our new Passionist Vicar, Father Emmanuel.


We are delighted to welcome and introduce Father Emmanuel Kabing, who is joining us as our new priest here at Minsteracres. “I was born in Mufulira in the Copperbelt province of Zambia and went to high school at Mukasa Junior Seminary, where my vocation has been nourished all along. I didn’t think about being called to the diocese, but in the 11th grade some of the Passionists visited Mukas Junior Seminary, this was my first encounter with the Passionists, and I was drawn to the life of St. Paul of the Cross through reading and studying. , realizing that his desire to serve the crucified and the poor greatly encouraged me, and I wanted to know more.

I later joined the Passionists in Botswana and after three years of discernment I was ordained a Passionist priest on August 19, 2006. Immediately after my ordination, I was appointed together with Fr. Terrence McGuckin, CP, to begin our first Passionist mission in Zambia. It was a very exciting start to my new journey as a Passionist. The new Mission in Zambia offered what I called a “hidden blessing” to live among the poor Chibombo who taught me to be a passionist! After serving two terms in the Vicariate/Vice Province of Mary, Our Lady of Africa (MATAF), I am here as a Priest at the Minsteracres Passionist Community and Retreat Center. I am very happy here enjoying the warmth of the entire community and staff.”

Retreat Program 2023

We are also about to launch our new retreat program based on the passionist charisms of prayer, hospitality and the environment. This year, we will be holding retreats on topics ranging from contemplative monastic music to the Laudato Si Retreat, prayer building and building an applicable Green Strategy for Communities based on the Encyclical and its teachings. Among other retreats, we invite you to enjoy creative poetry at different times of the year, connect with our estate in our Times of Change daytime retreat series, and we welcome Zion’s renowned community to host a weekend retreat on Living in the World. Spirit in June. Opportunity to participate in Mary’s “Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus” retreat with Don Louis Maggiore, as well as a reflective retreat on spiritual imagination with author and photographer Celine Alexander-Brown. The call of all of us to be saints will be explored at a June retreat focusing on the example and teachings of contemporary saints and their impact on us with author Galina Holman. These and many more retreats will be available in 2023 and we invite you to check back regularly for updates to our exciting program on our website. www.minsteracres.org.


Monastic Hours of Music – Reflecting on Struggle and Renewal through Music – January 27-29, 2023

This retreat weekend offers the opportunity to provide a relaxing meditative getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the world while enjoying the beauty and serenity of the music. We draw on the historical and liturgical “Music of the Hours,” a monastic tradition dating back to the 8th century, and the music includes sublime 16th-century polyphony by artists such as Byrd and Victoria, which punctuates the day with musical moments, insights, reflections, and prayer. As we listen to the very popular Gregorian chants sung by professional singers, we reflect on the monastic journey that has comforted and sustained many historical communities that have endured adversity but found that right rhythm of prayer (inextricably linked to the Psalms and Scripture, in which expressions of joy, praise, pain and repentance) is a fundamental pillar in developing a trusting and loving relationship with God.

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