January 31, 2023

Plot of KSTP-TV Tom Houser says: “The preliminary plan for the reconstruction Minnesota state office building the environment developed into a renovation and a major expansion with an estimated cost of around $500 million. Plan was approved by a vote of the House Rules and Legislative Administration Committee, which has ultimate authority over the project. Individual votes were not recorded, but it looks like all the Democrats voted in favor and the Republicans voted against.”

On Fox News Lawrence Richard reports“Free agent Carlos Correa signed with the New York MetsA week after the 28-year-old and the San Francisco Giants reportedly agreed to a massive 13-year, $350 million contract, according to the report. John Heyman, baseball columnist for the New York Post, reported the confusing switch early Wednesday morning, the day after Correa was diagnosed with medical problems.”

History Melissa Repko at CNBC.om He speaks, “The holiday shopping period has become more important for Target, after he reconciled disappointing earnings results three quarters and cut your forecast for the current. Excess inventory hurt the company’s bottom line as sales slowed.”

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For Des Moines Registry Jared Strong reports“A significant section of the river in northwest Iowa has dried up several times over the past seven years. as the rural water company pumps more water from underground, at least a quarter of which is sold outside the state. – with the approval of state regulators. According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, a 2-mile stretch of the Ocheedan River dried up in September of this year due to drought and increased pumping by Osceola County and the Osceola County Rural Water Supply.”

History of AP Courtney Locky says“Federal Judge bail denied to Minnesota man on Tuesday authorities say collected an arsenal of weapons use against the police prior to his arrest, and idolized the man who murdered five people at a gay nightclub in Colorado last month. Justice of the Peace Elizabeth Cowan Wright has ruled that no restrictions are sufficient to ensure that 20-year-old River William Smith does not pose a risk to public safety as he awaits trial on gun possession charges. Smith did not speak or make any statement during his detention hearing.”

History of Strib Christopher Vondracek says“The case in Karlstad, Minnesota, was almost perfect in terms of elevator closures. When the local elevator defaulted on payments in 2019, there was still enough grain left in the ten-year-old facility to sell and pretty much cover the losses of the two dozen or so farmers in and around Kitson County who were waiting for the check. … Government agricultural officials had to go to court to get the payments. But the case illustrated risky initiative that could follow when the grain elevator – once the staple of small towns across Minnesota – collapses financially.”


For thecentersquare.com Maria Strok writesMinnesota will provide $27 million in state funding and $42.6 million in federal funding for broadband expansion projects across the state. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development on Monday announced it was accepting funding proposals. The funding supports the state’s goal that by 2026, all homes and businesses have broadband access with at least 100 megabits per second download speeds and at least 20 megabits per second upload speeds, the press release said.”

In the Daily Beast Michael Daly says“AT dismissal of the complaint South Dakota Governor Christy Noem On Tuesday, the state ethics committee managed to find a loophole in the law that didn’t seem to exist. As approved by a majority of voters in a statewide vote in 2006, the law in question states that “any aircraft owned or leased by the government may be used only for the conduct of government business.” “No exceptions,” the bulletin added, noting that the violation is a class 2 offense. In 2019, Noem was accused of repeatedly breaking the law. when she used the state plane fly to political events such as the NRA convention, the right-wing group Turning Point USA, and the Republican Jewish Coalition meeting.”

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