January 31, 2023

MILLIONS have been waiting for up to £1,350 in free cash since spring and key payout dates are known.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced the aid, which would be paid directly into people’s bank accounts, in a statement last year in the fall.



Here are all key dates for all living wage payments

It includes a new £900 living wage payment for welfare recipients, another £300 for pensioners and a £150 third for those with disabilities.

The aid aims to help soften the blow of high energy bills, food expenses and other needs.

If you qualify for all of them, you will receive the full £1,350 of the offer and you will be automatically paid.

There is no need to ask for help – instead, the DWP will be in touch.


The Department of Labor and Pensions has released more details on key dates for when millions of households will receive assistance.

Although the exact payment dates were not disclosed, households have now been told which seasons they will receive payments.

Exact eligibility requirements, as well as bank codes to look for on your statement so you can check if you’ve received payment, will also be announced closer to that time.


Announcing key dates, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said: “I know these are difficult times for families across the UK who are struggling to cover rising food and energy costs caused by the fallout from Covid and Putin’s war in Ukraine.”

All payments are tax-free, will not count towards your maximum benefit amount, and will not affect your existing benefit payments.

Here are the dates you will need to enter in your diary.


Spring is the first installment of £900 living wage payment

Starting this spring, the first installment of the £900 living wage will be paid directly into applicants’ accounts.

Unlike last year’s aid, this living wage payment will be paid in three installments instead of two.

More than eight million people will receive aid directly into their bank accounts, with £900 in aid paid out over the course of the financial year.

According to the DWP, poor households will receive “ongoing support throughout the year.”

To be eligible for the payment, households must qualify for at least one of the following:

  • Income Based Unemployment Benefit
  • Income-Based Employment and Support Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Retirement loan
  • Tax credits (child tax credit and work tax credit)
  • housing allowance
  • Council tax support
  • Social Fund (Maternity Benefit, Funeral Benefit, Cold Weather Benefit)
  • Universal Credit

For prior payments, you must have been eligible for one of these benefits or were later found eligible for one of these benefits by a certain date.

That specific date will be announced closer to that time, the DWP said in a post.

Summer – £150 Disability Benefit.

This summer, more than six million people with disabilities will receive a £150 payment.

The exact eligibility criteria for receiving the payment were not disclosed.

But those who were eligible for last year’s £150 bill aid received one of the following benefits:

  • care allowance
  • Permanent attendance allowance
  • Adult Disability Benefit
  • Disability allowance for children
  • Paying for personal independence
  • Adult Disability Benefit (in Scotland)
  • Child disability allowance (in Scotland)
  • Payment for the independence of the armed forces
  • Mobility military pension supplement

More details will be announced in due course.

Autumn is the second installment of the £900 living wage payment.

A second installment of £900 living wage will be paid in the fall.

This second piece costs £300.

Again, more details on the date of receipt of assistance benefits will be announced closer to this time.

Winter 2023/2024 £300 pension.

Millions of pensioners will receive another £300 living wage.

This follows from last year’s assistance that was provided to households that normally receive the Winter Fuel Payment.

It is not yet known if households would qualify if they normally receive payment for winter fuel, as the exact details have yet to be released.

You are eligible for the final Retirement Cost of Living payment if:

  • You were born on or before September 25, 1956.
  • You have lived in the UK for at least one day during the week of 19 to 25 September 2022 in the so-called “qualification week”.

Spring 2024 – Third installment of £900 living wage.

The final installment of the £900 living wage payment will be paid next spring.

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It costs £299.

More details on the date of the assistance will be announced at a later date.

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