January 31, 2023

Richard’s two schools in North East Durham received millions of pounds (cumulatively) from the UK Government’s school fund. Lanchester EP Elementary School and Leadgate Elementary School now have a significant amount to upgrade their older buildings.

School Capital Fund was designed to provide annual funding for the maintenance and improvement of school buildings and grounds. It should be used in capital projects, especially those aimed at improving the energy efficiency of schools. Each school participating in the program has been selected based on the condition of its buildings to ensure that the greatest improvements are delivered to the schools that need them most and to maximize the chances of children gaining the skills and knowledge they need.

This year, the two schools in Durham North West Transport Secretary MP Richard Holden are EP Lanchester Primary School and Leadgate Primary School. Overjoyed at the good news Mr. Andrew Knighton, Associate Principal of Lanchester EP Elementary School, said:


“We are thrilled to be receiving much-needed funding for our school buildings. This will have a significant impact on children and the local community.

“It was great that yesterday our MP took the time to call me in person to tell us the exciting news. He was clearly working behind the scenes to help the Lanchester kids.

“The funding we have received will allow us to take the school into the 21st century and give us the building and environment that our children deserve.”

Comment by MP Richard Holden:

“I am delighted that my schools in Durham North West, so often overlooked by successive Labor governments, now have the funding they need.


That’s why I welcome the news that they will benefit from the latest round of the £1.8bn School Recovery Program in 2022-23 to rehabilitate and refurbish 239 more schools across the country, including building renovations and upgrades by creating state art gyms, music rooms, scientific laboratories and canteens.

“This investment will enhance the experience for students across the country, helping them learn, develop and reach their full potential.”

Commenting, Education Secretary Gillian Keegan said:

“Education is a top priority for this government. That’s why, despite difficult economic conditions, we are investing record amounts in our schools and colleges. Today’s announcement will transform hundreds of schools across the country and ensure they are prepared for the future.


“The additional funding, along with fantastic new opportunities, will allow our brilliant teachers to do what they do best and inspire the next generation.”

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