January 27, 2023

January sales. Three words guaranteed to strike fear into every guy in the country.

Just when you think the wallet has survived the Christmas beating, all of a sudden there are plenty of “must have” deals to give it another beating.



Erik ten Hag hopes for big signings in January1 credit

Now Eric ten Hag and Jurgen Klopp aren’t two names you think will be waiting for doors to open with shopping bags ready.

But this year, it’s hard to imagine another couple hoping that credit cards will be depleted as badly as this couple.

Nothing of the cut price rail either. Only high-quality goods of the highest class will do. Not one of your seconds here, thank you very much.

It has been proven that for the managers of the two biggest clubs in England, top-notch performers and nothing less are on the shopping list.


They will certainly cost, but then again, both Ten Hag and Klopp say they were promised serious money.

Well, now it’s time for the moneymakers at Old Trafford and Anfield to back those words up with action.

Because if they don’t, the consequences could go far beyond what happens in the second half of the season.


They can affect the whole future of the two clubs.

This is not your typical Sky Sports transfer window nonsense. This one goes much deeper.

This time both clubs are up for sale and are looking for a buyer.


While they are both currently outside of the top four – there is no guarantee that they will finish there.

So there are going to be some very interesting transatlantic conversations in the offices of the Glazers and John W. Henry in the coming weeks.


The American owners of the Premier League’s big two have some big decisions to make.

And if they don’t accept the need to speculate before they can save, they may forget all thought of getting close to the staggering prices they are trading.

In the United case, figures up to £8bn have been cited, while Henry is said to want £5bn for the Reds.

But anyone who is ready to fork out for such loot wants certain guarantees for this money. First of all, a place in the highest football table – the Champions League.

And this is far from a fact, at least for one, and maybe for both giants this season.

Manchester City’s seat is taken there, so one slot is missing, while Arsenal look like they’re in it for the time being.

There are two left. Spurs are currently there and they won’t suddenly drop and while Newcastle haven’t gone through a season or so yet to be a real contender, they’re in the game.

Chuck Graham Potter’s Chelsea are also in the equation, and the prospect of at least one of them missing out is more likely than not.

Ten Hag is desperate for more goals in his team, while Liverpool need legs and energy in midfield.

The problem they both have is that everyone knows this too, so the price of any target will reflect that.

Of course, the Glazers and Henry may think that their clubs are so big that any interested party would not be put off by the thought of football in the Europa League.

If so, they may decide to keep their money in their pockets rather than spending millions on something they are trying to steal.

Well, good luck to them if that’s the case, because it’s a hell of a risky game.

It’s all good to flutter your eyelashes in front of potential foreign buyers, but if it means losing sight of the job, the consequences can be costly. Very expensive.

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The rivalry between Anfield and Old Trafford has long been one of the fiercest and toughest in football history.

However, the stakes have never been as high as they are now. . . and if they do not have the foresight to understand this, they may both be losers.

Klopp is hopeful that some key players will be added after a difficult start to the season.


Klopp is hopeful that some key players will be added after a difficult start to the season.1 credit

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